I have been asked many, many times to describe the Bolognese. I believe the following response   gives people a little more insight of what living with a Bolognese as part of the family is like. There is an intelligence and understanding I see in my Bolognese not possessed by any other breed. They know and anticipate before you even say anything, almost telepathically. They are extremely smart and if you don't think your Bolognese is, then it's much more intelligent than you think. They are true companions and thrive on your attention.
They are agile and light on their feet.  They are happy-go-lucky walkers. They are show-offs and know it and love it. They are rough and tumble with each other and children. They make up their own little impish games and delight in outsmarting you. They keep a watchful eye out for intruders. When they exhibit caution toward an individual, take heed, for they sense something you do not. Their intelligence is obvious by their ability to learn quickly. Their dense long locks of fur form the beautiful white soft coat that you love to bury your face in. They are devoted and love their whole family. They love getting kisses as much as giving them. They must always know what you are doing and be part of it. One of their main goals in life is to charm their way into the hearts of everyone they meet, and they usually succeed . . . 

 . . . This is the Bolognese.    Kristine K. Steffeck

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To view the Tribute in honor of Dorothy Goodale,
American founder of the Bichon Havanese and Bolognese breeds,
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