The Bolognese is a non-shedding, odorless, almost square, small, sturdy dog. The males of this toy breed stand at ten to twelve inches at the shoulder and weigh on an average of eight to twelve pounds. The females are slightly smaller and weigh a bit less.
The top line is straight, with the tail well set on, plumed and curled over the back. The fur is very soft and requires frequent brushing in order to maintain a mat-free coat. The color of the coat is white. Touches of very light champaign are sometimes found on the ears and back, however, the coat upon maturity must give the overall appearance of being a white dog. The coat is non-shedding, with fluffy-flocky ringlets covering the entire body. The head is broad with a moderate stop. The muzzle is of medium length, neither too blunt nor too snippy. The ears are dropped and well covered with hair. The eyes are dark, round, with dark halo rims. The eyes hold your attention with their soft expression. The dark eye rims give an even larger appearance to the eyes. The nose and lips must be black and the bite is scissors, however level is permitted but not preferred. The chest is deep and the ribs well sprung. The forelegs are straight and the rear legs are moderately angulated, producing a lively gait. Their sturdiness and active personality belies the fact that they are a toy breed. The Bolognese are highly intelligent and completely devoted to their owners. Their sturdiness and fun loving nature along with their patience make them wonderful playmates for children.
Bolognese do not require excessive amounts of exercise. Don't let this fool you though. If your favorite sport is mountain hiking, these sturdy little dogs will be at your side from bottom to top, from beginning to end. The important thing to remember about the Bolognese is they are true companions. They excel in whatever feat is put before them if they can do it with their person. They are curious by nature and quite comical in the games they make up. They are by no means clowns, however. They have been known to do things that owners swear were "thought out" and performed intentionally in order to get what they want. They never, never, never tire of human interaction and thrive on it.

The Bolognese
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American founder of the Bichon Havanese and Bolognese breeds,
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